The PhylOgenetic Web Repeater (POWER) allows users performing phylogenetic analysis with molecular data by most programs of PHYLIP package repeatedly. POWER provide two pipelines to process the analysis. One of them includes multiple sequence alignment (MSA) at the begining of the pipeline whereas the other begin phylogenetic analysis with aligned sequence.

Please start your analysis by selecting the pipeline and the data type:

Pipeline MSA + Phylogenetic Analysis(Input the FASTA format)

Phylogenetic Analysis Only(Input the PHYLIP format)

Sequence Type



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  • 2005.02.03
  • Message from the PHYLIP author: Kimura distances blow up when there are more then 85.41% differences between two proteins, and then our program just writes out a "-1". This is happening in your original data (and of course also in the bootstrapped data).

    In this situation, you will receive a 'Job Fail' message from POWER Administrator.

  • 2005.01.27
  • Fitch-Margoliash related methods will fail with 'Kimura formula' substitution model if bootstrapping is choosed when analyze protein sequences that because some distances error.


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